The pedigrees of MANGROVIA-MONDO are related to some branches of the family Calzavara who share the same origin in the Veneto region on the border between the provinces of Teviso, Padove and Venice. In fact, at the moment, they have not found the other classes that were not originally from this area.

The reference to a country rather than another is not related to the origin of the ancestor farther, but at the moment between '700 and' 800, in which the data collected are greater.

Ali Calzavara trees were then added also those of some relatives.

All data presented are not documented if not with regard to the branch of Istrana for which you have from the previous editions of this tree.

Clicking on some names it will appear their record card; in yellow background for all those who have Calzavara as surname, in gray for all the others. Clicking on the names listed youíll pass for card to card and In some cases youíll connect to the relevant Wikipedia page.

The chronological list contains only Calzavara.

The alphabetical list shows all names mentioned in the cards but not all those listed in the schemes.

In the schemes are shown in yellow background all those who have the same surname of the first of the scheme, in gray, or another colors, all the others. Again, clicking on some names will appear the relevant record card.

The term "married" should be read broadly.

The spelling of the names reported varies according to the limits of the display system adopted. We have chosen to display the italian version of the most important citiesís name and the original for all the others, transliterated when necessary.

Also particular words and citiesís names are linked to their relevant page on the Wikipedia site.

In some country are in use the surnames of both parents, or the surname of a parent and the surname of cogniuge. For simplicityIn this family tree are listed only fathers's

Until the year 1900 are omitted his children died infants.